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Domaine Pierre Boyat
Pierre Boyat
Les Rennes
Vin de France - Burgundy


Without submission, this wine is held and drunk by the reins.

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    Vinification :

    This cuvée is a plot selection. The grapes are harvested in 50 kg crates. The whole bunches are then vatted to macerate for 8 days during the fermentation in closed concrete vats. The macerated bunches are then pressed, the winemaker makes a light settling of 24 hours, the wine is vatted. It will be matured for 1 year in tuns on the fine lees. It will be bottled later without any input or filtration.

  • Grape Variety : Chardonnay
  • Terroir :

    This parcel is composed of "Jurassic limestone". On the western slopes of these rocks, on the ancient lias, the steep slopes are in grey marl, the vines are exposed to the south and west.

  • Yield Hecto/Hectare: 20 hl/ha
  • Soil: Clay and limestone
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    The robe is orange with copper reflections, explosive, sun-filled, limpid. The disc is thick, the tears are slow and disparate. On the nose, we are on vervain and kumquat. Airing amplifies the aromas. One arrives on a nose on the orange peel. We evolve on spices such as cumin, ras el-hanout, but also curry. At the end of the nose, seeds such as sunflower and flax, but also flowers such as lily and orchid. On the palate, the wine is smooth and full. In the middle of the mouth, we evolve on an iodized side that makes us salivate. On the finish, we find the beautiful silky tannins of the maceration. It persists in the mouth 7 to 8 caudalies.

    Wine pairings!

    Duck confit, spicy crust, cauliflower purée, chestnut, pine oil.

  • Operating temperature: 11°C
  • Serving: If natural carbon dioxide is released, wait a few minutes after serving the first glass or carafe. To keep all their natural components, the wines have not been filtered. A slight cloudiness in the bottle does not affect their quality.

    At the beginning this family estate of 10 Ha was run by Pierre's father but in order to concentrate on organic farming, he decided to sell it and build his house right next to his vines. 2 Ha that he has cleverly chosen and that he works as if it was his garden, on the heights of the Beaujolais in the Lieu-dit "Le Bois de Leynes" at 400m of altitude. Certified ecocert since 2007, he works differently and harvests later. His wines do not resemble the classics of the region but he is convinced that it is the most accurate taste of his terroir and he claims it. We love these winegrowers for whom the word nature takes on its full meaning.

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