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Domaine Matej and Kristina Skerlj
Venezia Giulia - Friuli


An ancestral technique combined with a lot of know-how and a big heart

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    Vinification :

    Fermentation with indigenous yeasts, maturing on fine lees. Aged for two years in oak barrels, in a cellar dug into the stone, in a natural environment with constant temperature and humidity. Bottled without filtration, a direct, unadorned passage from the vineyard to the bottle.

  • Grape Variety: Vitovska
  • Terroir :

    Considered to be part of Friuli, the Carso is composed of a limestone plateau with a thin layer of reddish, iron-laden soil. Shaken by the Bora, a cold wind that blows very strongly from the northeast.

  • Hecto/Hectare yield : 35
  • Soil: clay-limestone
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    The robe is honey yellow with golden copper highlights. The disc is medium bright with medium slow tears. The nose is expressive, on honey flowers, exotic fruits such as kumquat, candied sfusato lemon, notes of melon. Spices such as vanilla, but also butter can be seen. On the palate, it is a complex, balanced wine that leaves room for a wide range of gustatory impressions. We start with an attack on freshness with supple and silky tannins. It evolves on an ample mid-palate with body and power. Then we finish with a mineral tension, on the rock, the fresh air of a high altitude wine. It persists in the mouth 7 to 8 caudalies. The balance of this wine is interesting because it is a wine with body, character and it is balanced by its elegance, dynamism and minerality.

    Wine pairings!

    Scallops and seaweed, Variation around salsify and shimeji (mushrooms)

  • Operating temperature: 11°C
  • Serving: To be enjoyed immediately after opening, keep lying down and away from light. If the wine is slightly sparkling, it should be aired. 2 solutions for this: wait a few minutes after serving the first glass or decant.

    In the far north of Friuli and neighbouring Slovenia, the Skerlj estate covers two hectares of vines on limestone soils in the mountainous region of Carso.
    Matej and Kristina Skerlj represent the third generation of winegrowers in their family, who have been cultivating vines since 1965, focusing on three indigenous grape varieties: Malvasia, Vitovska and Terrano. Their original methods have been preserved, so the harvest is still manual, the vinification does not involve any chemical process and without filtration, for an authentic and direct wine from the vineyard to the bottle.
    Their three vintages Malvasia, Vitovska and Terrano are aged in the same way: two years in old oak barrels. They are a concrete representation of a difficult terroir, combined with particular native grape varieties, and of their greatness when worked by the right hands.

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