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Fattoria Di Caspri Estate
Bertrand Habsiger
Luna blu
PGI Tuscany - Italy


A beautiful marriage of spices and salinities, a complex wine in the image of its creator

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    Vinification :

    Harvested in 18 Kilos boxes to preserve the integrity of the bunches, part of the harvest is destemmed. The grapes are then placed in truncated conical wooden vats where they ferment quietly for a week or so. A small pumping over of a few buckets is carried out morning and evening, to keep the cap wet and avoid bacterial development and to bring a little oxygen to help the yeast action. Once all the sugars have been degraded by the action of the indigenous yeasts, the wine is decuvée in a buffer tank and the grapes are pressed in a vertical press with jacks, so as not to extract too much tannin or too harsh particles, the pressure is controlled at 1.5 bars. The wine remains for 24 to 48 hours in the buffer tank to settle quietly. The wine is then put into a 600L barrel and a 228L barrel for approximately 9 months. The vinic interventions respect the stars and constellations and are induced by the biodynamic calendar.

  • Grape Variety : Trebbiano-Malvoisia
  • Terroir :

    Coarse mixture of Gneiss and conglomerated limestone

  • Hecto/Hectare yield : 35
  • Soil: clay-limestone
Wine image


    The robe is a deep orange-yellow with golden reflections. Good intensity. The disc is limpid and brilliant. The pleasant, frank, expressive nose reveals a dominant of exotic aromas such as pineapple, papaya, blood orange. Airing amplifies the whole and reveals candied aromas such as mirabelle plum, quince and honey. The nose is remarkable, the raw material is molting, complex, which shows a beautiful amplitude. The attack on the palate is direct and marked. One evolves on a mid-palate of strict and tense vivacity with a sensation of saltiness. Still dominated by citrus fruits, the range of aromas reminds us of kombawa, clementine, but also verbena flowers and almond. One perceives beautiful bitterness of the terroir. The finish presents a beautiful length 8 caudalies, as well as a frank vivacity. The balance of this wine is slender and very fresh.

    Wine pairings!

    Carpaccio of grey shrimps marinated in ginger and smoked paprika surrounded by an emulsion of a blend of verbena and coriander

  • Operating temperature: 12° C
  • Service: Decanting or not depending on the initial opening of the wine. If the wine is slightly sparkling, it should be aerated. 2 solutions for this: wait a few minutes after serving the first glass or decant.

    Domaine Fattoria Di Caspri is located in Montevarchi in the heart of Tuscany. Mr. Habsiger the Great, the only one, has a deliberate approach to perpetuate the local winemaking tradition, respectful of the environment, by making unvarnished wines that express the true reflection of the land of origin. A biodynamic estate with 12 hectares of vines and 12 hectares of olive trees. Its wine is as close as possible to nature. He has chosen to ferment them thanks to the indigenous yeasts present on the grapes, in the soil of the vines but also in the cellar. The general idea of the director of the exploitation is to respect nature, to be transparent, to consume as little as possible, not to use any wine product, to reduce waste, to have a vegetable garden, to be part of a sustainable and perennial policy.

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Wine analysis
  • Alcohol: 13.4
  • Sucre Résiduel : <1 G/L
  • Total Acidity: 5.16 G/L AT
  • Volatile Acidity: 0.85 G/L
  • Acide Malique : <0.1 G/L
  • Lactic Acid: G/L
  • Tartaric Acid: G/L
  • Free SO2: 2 MG/L
  • SO2 Total : <10 MG/L
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