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Brendan Tracey Estate
Brendan Tracey
Thirst Street
Wine of France - Loire


A little thirsty? What's better than a Thirst Street!

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    Vinification :

    Buying grapes from friends who work in organic farming, the grapes are brought to the estate, pressed in a horizontal vaslin press, the grapes ferment quietly thanks to the action of indigenous yeasts, once fermentation is complete, the wine is racked for a period of one year until bottling.

  • Grape variety : Sauvignon
  • Terroir :

    The Loire and its tributaries dug their beds to form a hillside which currently supports the vine. On the terraces along the river, an alluvial layer of eroded sand and gravel is mixed with clay, sometimes with stone. The vines are built on limestone hillsides and on the tufa plain where the Loire and its tributaries dominate. The soil covering these different secondary soils is clayey-limestone or clayey-siliceous.

  • Hecto/Hectare yield: 45
  • Soil: Stony clayey-limestone soils called "aubuis".
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    The dress is mirabelle plum yellow, with straw reflections. The disc is thick and shiny. The tears are thick, slow, homogeneous. The first nose is explosive on citrus fruits, passion fruit predominates. Then one evolves on aromas such as blackcurrant buds, bitter orange, lemon uzu, but also vine peaches. On the palate, the attack is frank, expressive, explosive. One finds the uzu lemon. A hint of grapefruit. In the middle of the mouth, this wine makes us salivate, it is very salty. But also spicy, with white pepper and caraway. We have a nice balance, a nice length in the mouth, about 7 to 8 caudalies.

    Wine pairings!

    A carpaccio of salmon with ginger

  • Operating temperature: 14°C
  • Service: to be served directly. If the wine is slightly sparkling, it should be aired. 2 solutions for this: wait a few minutes after serving the first glass or decant.

    Brendan Tracey, originally from French California on his mother's side, moved to France in the 1980s. He creates and animates a free radio station in Blois where he shares his passion for hard rock punk. That's how he met Jean-pierre Robinot and Pascal Simonutti whose reputations are well established in the world of natural wine. He did an apprenticeship in wine and vineyards with Thierry Puzzelat who brought him a lot. Then in 2010, he took the plunge and became a wine merchant and selected particular grape varieties all from organic terroir to create wines in his own image, surprising punk and to drink with friends of course!

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