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Domaine Amiel
Aymeric and Jordan Amiel
In Baïa
Wine of France - Languedoc-Roussillon


"Its usual transparency, after a smoky rose, returned as pure the sea... Lost that wine, drunk the waves." Paul Valéry Rosé to be drunk chilled

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    Vinification :

    Baïa is the daughter of Jordan, one of the two winemaking brothers, she was born on February 3, 2016. The grapes are hand-picked in 10 kg crates. In the cellar, the grapes are pressed directly and the juice is placed in vats under the force of gravity without any additives. Cold settling, it will naturally start its fermentation after a few days. At the end of alcoholic fermentation, the wine is then aged on fine lees and bottled in the spring.

  • Grape Variety : Merlot and Syrah
  • Terroir :

    Aymeric and Jordan's first two years didn't make a rosé. Consequently, they decided to take over two plots of land belonging to their father to rent them out, in order to increase production. Like all the other lands of the estate, the soil and the vines are worked in organic and biodynamic agriculture (Demeter certification). The terroir is essential to explain the originality and quality of the wine. From the schist in the primitive era to the alluvial layers of the Quaternary, the vines are planted on all geological structures. The mainly Mediterranean climate is mild in autumn and spring, very dry and hot in summer, although morning frosts can still appear in April, and it is sunny and mild in winter, with temperatures that can drop below 0° C. Rainfall is very low (the lowest in some French cities), and the wind, the Tramontane, is very strong, which dries out the vines and prevents the appearance of fungal diseases.

  • Yield Hecto/Hectare: The yield is moderate (50-60 hl / ha), but high enough to produce a good yield in juice and with good acidity.
  • Soil: Clay and limestone
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    The robe is ruby red, brilliant with orange reflections. The disc is fine. The tears are fine, moderately fast. On the nose, spices such as pepper, smoked paprika. On aeration, one can see notes of clove, poppy, but also hibiscus flowers. Caramel and Moroccan date are revealed. On the palate, the attack is light on the freshness, the mid-palate is sapid, it is a vinous rosé, sparkling, it chirps a little. The finish is accompanied by a little bitterness that enhances the bouquet, it reminds us of the south, a glass of rosé very fresh in May. Crickets surrounded by lavender fields. It lingers in the mouth for about 4 to 5 caudalies. I advise you to decant this wine and drink it well chilled.

    Wine pairings!

    Cucumber, lemon and coriander soup. Or grilled teriyaki chicken with a pepperade.

  • Operating temperature: 8°C
  • Serving: to be cafarer to remove the pearly side

    At the Amiel brothers' estate, Aymeric and Jordan manage 15 Ha of vines in Montblanc in the Languedoc. This family has been established here for over 500 years with vines in their blood, attached to their roots Aymeric and Jordan are proud to produce their own wines and thus perpetuate the family history. Aymeric did a master's degree in international trade of wines and spirits in Dijon, some trips to learn more notably in Chile, Argentina, California and South Africa. With the ambition to unite 4 jobs in one: winemaker, oenologist, salesman and company manager. After studying traditional Chinese medicine in Toulouse, Jordan, an osteopath by profession, became interested in different types of natural therapies. The energies, the earth and the plants that grow there became a source of inspiration. In 2012, after a good number of experiences, each in their own way, the siblings are reunited to strengthen a common idea. The domain was created that same year. A beautiful adventure began. The transition to organic is done directly and no wine inputs are used, they trust their terroir to provide them with what they need. They take care of this estate, they pamper it because they want to pass it on to their children and it can be seen, felt and I would even say tasted!

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Wine analysis
  • Alcohol: 13.46
  • Sucre Résiduel : <1 G/L
  • Total Acidity: 3.66 G/L AT
  • Volatile Acidity: 0.59 G/L
  • Acide Malique : <0.2 G/L
  • Lactic Acid: 0.7 G/L
  • Tartaric Acid: G/L
  • Free SO2: 5 MG/L
  • SO2 Total: 37 MG/L
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