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Who are we?

Meeting between two passionate people

Mon Vin Nature was born from the meeting of two wine enthusiasts united by a common idea: to make people discover the wines that are dear to our hearts and respect our vision of viticulture.
Elie Dorozala, a specialist in natural wine, Mention Sommellerie, Winemaker (Cellar Master) and influencer on social networks.
Michel Illouz has twenty-two years of experience in corporate management, managing HR, finance, production, IT, clearing new markets, launching innovative products and company buyouts.

In an agricultural world where we are being pushed to produce more and more quickly, we felt it was necessary to rediscover our primary values of respect for life and its balance.
Rather than thwarting the nature of the plant with chemical processes and inputs, we choose to understand it by putting forward winegrowers with non-interventionist methods that are respectful of the soil and of life.
We are convinced that this way of proceeding allows us in the long run to obtain authentic wines, closer to the grape, while highlighting the typicity and character of their terroir, magnified by the winegrower.


Throughout our meetings, discussions and numerous tastings, we have turned to the wines that speak to us, to these authentic and sincere artisan farmers.
From "canons" between friends to exceptional bottles, our selection is created by our desire to share our discoveries and emotions with you.

Meeting with vine craftsmen


Winegrowers play transparency

We are also very concerned about your health (and ours!), which is why we ask the winegrowers to play the transparency card, by sending us the chemical analyses of the wines. As a result, we have the sulphur levels for all the wines.
We work with winegrowers who use neither chemicals nor synthetic products. What you will find in the wine is sugar, sulphur, bentonite, LSA yeasts.
We think it is essential to know the smallest little secrets of the wine we offer you.


Unfortunately, wine was not spared by the Second World War. However, viticulture was long based on an ancestral system of cultivation in which human and animal energy retained a dominant role.
But gradually the development of means of transport deprived the vineyard of part of its workforce, in search of an "easier" life in the city.
After the Second World War, agriculture and viticulture were in a context of food challenges. The priority at the time was above all to integrate scientific progress into production routes to increase productivity and yields (example of estates, DRC, Frick...). In addition to the effects on the natural environment, the massive use of phytosanitary products may have led to the presence of residues in grapes.
Gradually, the fight for integrated production emerged in France with a concern for limiting the impact on vine auxiliaries. Alongside these territorial challenges, the notion of sustainable development has emphasised the global impact of mankind with regard to future generations.
Thus, biodiversity, the use of fossil fuels, the production of waste and greenhouse gases, are gradually becoming part of the constraints of viticulture. In parallel with the technical aspects, the certification of the procedures is based on an evaluation and control process.

History of wines and winegrowers


Cheers to all!

"Cheers! " " Gelt! "L'chaim! "Gesondheid! "Gezuar! "Prost! "Gsunt heit! "Desta! "Cheers! "Fee sihetak! "Be seha! "Saha! " Aiyaet oslun! " "" Vashi! "Joy! " Topa! " "" Nazdrave! "Gom bui! "Ganbai! "Keon-bae! " "Slainte mhath! " " Kippis! " Lechyd da! " "Iss ygian! "Kasugta! "Li khaim! "Aananda! "Selamat! " "Kampaï! " Kia kaka! "Proost! "Skol! " "Santat! "Mabhuhay! "Na zdrowie! "A sua saude! "Saude! "Cheers! "Norok! " " Na zdorovia! " " Ziveli! " " Na zdravie! "" Auguryo! " "Skol! "" Santat! "Zanda bashi! "Kamjab raho! "Salam ati! "Mabhuhay! "Na zdrowie! "A sua saude! "Saude! "Viva! "Tim-tim! "Cheers! Cheers! "Norok! " " Sanataté! " " Na zdorovia! " " Ziveli! " " Na zdravie! " " Auguryo! "" Skol! " Sabatuk fy sudan furah!" "" Manuia! "Chai-yo! "Chokdee! "Nazdraví! "Phun tsun tsok! "Sherefe! "Boovatje zdorovi! "Chia! "Can chen! "Jaraama! " Mazel tov! " Oogy wa wa! "Poo zim pee la! »