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Is Natural Wine an extension of bio-dynamics?

by Jean-Pierre Frick - Domaine Pierre Frick in Alsace - Winegrowers for 12 generations

Jean-Pierre Frick, his wife Chantal Frick and his son Thomas Frick

Is Natural Wine an extension of bio-dynamics?

Bio-dynamics is essential to limit errors that damage the life forces.

Thanks to the preparations, it supports its vital forces, which are expressed in food and wine of sensory as well as organic quality, thanks to their high digestibility.

Bio-dynamics highlights that all life on earth is linked to the solar system as a whole. It itself, in its movement within the circle of the zodiacal constellations, transcribes their twelve influences.

Biodynamics is aware that this cosmic clock, which is living and not mechanical, generates and allows diversity. Each human carries his or her own zodiac sign.

So there is great mobility within biodynamic practice? For the Pierre Frick estate, natural wine is an extension.

Wild tulips in the vineyards of the Pierre Frick estate

Other estates, often larger and practising a beautiful biodynamic viticulture, have a more restricted freedom to age their wines according to their status, the volumes produced and their distribution channels. The larger the size of an estate, the more it depends on prescribers. The latter, addressing an academic audience, will be less inclined to emphasise certain unique and transparent winemaking approaches for natural wines.

Like the wooden wheel of our old carts, biodynamic awareness represents the means from which twelve spokes usually start to form the wheel. Within the same appellation, there are bearers of a tradition defined by the majority, artists, tightrope walkers, as well as winemakers with great commercial talent.

From biodynamic viticulture, which is always favourable to the forces of life, to wine in the glass, there are many paths depending on the context, temperament and chronology.

While sharing a healthy and harmonious biodynamic viticulture, the context and constraints will incite some to a small correction of the wine among the very few tolerated by the Demeter specifications. Others, with a more deeply rooted "natural wine" fibre, will keep the juices as they are, reflecting a vintage that will push them to renew their reading of the wine.

The short circuits allow a wide communication and a great singularity of the wines.
It is then possible to awaken the wine lover to the seasonality of wines for their full appreciation with spring or winter vegetables depending on the wine:
▪ An uncorrected wine appearing lively and light will be a treat at the height of summer.
▪ Its heavy, warm opposite will delight in January on the return from a minus 5 degree walk accompanied by a northern breeze.

Life is rhythmic, the seasons, breathing in and out, the pendulum of history.....

Despite the proliferation of intermediaries, talented importers manage to transmit the original impulse to wine lovers who instinctively do not yet have access to natural wines.

The vines of the Pierre Frick estate, Alsace wines

Of all the living kingdoms, biodynamics is first and foremost aimed at humans, who today bear the responsibility for the future of the earth.

The centrality of the human species requires biodynamists to develop ideals, while being well embodied in their work and their surroundings. Encouraging the microbial life of the soil, the diversity of companion plants, insects... makes sense in winegrowers who are exposed to cold winters, heat waves, rain and have an income above the minimum required. From micro-organisms to the natural wine lover, via plants and vineyard workers, a shared awareness is needed.

A fair price for wine, which varies according to the difficulties of production, links people together. Wine, an object of speculation, fractures the human community. The delicate exercise of fairness according to the difficulties of production, of respect for all those involved from the planting of the vine to the glass, offers a beautiful way of learning about the conscious freedom that runs through the whole of biodynamics.

Cultural wine, on the edge of the arts, is as plural as the breeding of wines from biodynamic grapes.

Joy and health to all - Jean-Pierre Frick

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