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Welcome to Domaine Perseval Farge...

This estate produces elegant, fine and very pure champagnes.
Settled since the beginning of the 18th century with the aim of passing on the estate from generation to generation Benoist and Isabelle Perseval are the 5th generation to take over.
They are being taken over by Henry, an uncommon and knowledgeable character. He feeds his thirst to learn and understand the world in which we live, thanks to conferences, books and observation of nature, particularly the vine.
His father symbolically transmits to him, with patience, his knowledge from his experience, the vintages and their terroirs. This beautiful family is located in the heart of the Reims mountain range in a charming little village called Chamery.
They have 4 hectares spread over 6 localities. Engaged in more environmentally friendly approaches, they have the High Environmental Value (Hve3) certification, they are also in the process of organic conversion.
Proud of their heritage, they like to excite their curiosity by elaborating cuvées between past and present grape varieties, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Meunier and Fromenteau. the Petit Meslier and the Arbanne. A way of differentiating themselves while establishing a lasting link with their ancestors and participating in the enrichment but also the safeguarding of an ampelographic heritage. The word of the domain :
"To make champagnes without make-up, without arrogance or extravagance. With real energy and freshness; they are rich, vinous, straight, balanced ... passionate and exciting! » They've said it all, now CHAMPAGNE!

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