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Welcome to Domaine Gravner...

In the west of Italian Friuli, the Gravner estate is today run by the third generation of the family's winegrowers.
The estate was founded in 1901, and wine production started in 1973.
It extends over thirty-five hectares, eighteen of which are reserved for the cultivation of vines, divided into three plots on marl and limestone soils.
One of the particularities of Domaine Gravner is the attention it pays to the living that surrounds their vines, and to its balance that is always respected to the extreme.
Thus, a lot of plants were planted, a pond was created in order to make micro-organisms proliferate and thus bring more birds.
All the vintages undergo long macerations in the estate's custom-made Georgian amphorae, buried in the ground and protected by an outer coating of beeswax.
The wines are kept for at least five months in maceration, before being aged for another year in the jars, then six years in oak barrels for the whites and ten years for the reds.
In terms of grape varieties, the estate works mainly Ribolla Gialla with vines that are eighty years old, as well as Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling, Chardonnay and Pinot Grigio for the whites, and a very small production of Merlot and Pignolo.

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